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Teen Trends: Who Knew?

Image via We recently went on a family ski trip that involved very little skiing. Mother Nature has not been well behaved, so we had no snow and conditions were not even cold enough for the snow-making machines to do their thing. So, we spent our ski trip doing a lot of alternative activities – […]

The Santa List – Managing Expectations

It’s that time of year where kiddo’s wish lists seem to grow and grow and grow. What are your kids expecting from Santa, parents, grandparents and other relatives? What can we do to manage these lists so that they are reasonable and affordable? How can gift giving fit with family values without leaving the little […]

Wearing Underwear to Bed: A Parental Controversy?

Sometimes they prefer to wear underwear on their heads. Just when I thought I had been sucked into every possible parenting conversation, I got caught up in a discussion that was surprisingly engaging. The question was, “Do your kids wear underwear to bed?” I learned that it’s a divided community indeed when it comes to […]